Weather from Clitheroe, Lancashie, UK

I have been interested in the weather since the TODAY newspaper published weather reports in full colour in 1986. The following year, I began observing the weather for myself, which I have been doing ever since. Please click here or on the icon below to read my article celebrating the TODAY weather reports.

Below is a list of weather data available for download (or click on the icons on the left):

Data from my own observations

My own weather data for Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK, 1987-2002: Click here
My own weather data for north-east Wales, UK (Gresford and Minera, both near Wrexham), 2002-2015: Click here
My own weather data for Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire, UK, 2018-2022: Click here
My own weather data for Rattray, Blairgowrie, Scotland, 2022-2023: Click here

Notes: You are free to make use of both data sets as long as I am credited as the source of the data. The files are in Excel 2007 (.xlsx) format. The Gresford/Minera and Stanford in the Vale data files are provided "as is" — i.e. it is the version I use and has not been formatted for the Internet; it is advisable to read the Notes section. Regarding the Clitheroe data, note that the instrumentation and exposure was very much non-standard and that the data are presented as originally recorded with very little correction.

Data from other people's observations

Archive weather information from sites around the UK for 1976-2013: Click here

The following stations are included: Armagh, Northern Ireland; Brampton, Cumbria, England; Buxton, Norfolk, England; near Dundee, Scotland; Penzance, Cornwall, England; Rochdale, Lancashire, England; Royston, Hertfordshire, England; Strathspey, Scotland; Wokingham, Berkshire, England.


Armagh data from © Armagh Observatory. Brampton data © (Paul Crabtree). Buxton data from (Dr Charles Briscoe). Dundee data from © Prof. Trevor Harley, Univ of Dundee. Penzance data from (Graham Easterling). Rochdale data from (Allen Buckley). Royston data from (Richard Barker). Strathspey (Cromdale) data from (Bill Cuthbert). Wokingham data from (Bernard Burton).

Summary file of monthly averages/totals around UK (1659 onwards)

This is compiled using data freely available elsewhere on the Internet and based on the Central England Temperature series, England/Wales precipitation and sunshine series etc (see for example Please note that the copyright for all the data lies with the Met. Office. To view my summary file click here.

© Matthew Eagles 2007-2023 unless otherwise specified.

North Wales weather (Minera & Gresford, Wrexham)
Stanford in the Vale Weather
Archive weather data from around the UK, 1976-2013
Monthly data from Met Office website - brought together in an Excel file