This page gives access to an archive of UK news that I compiled from 2006 (and extended retrospectively back to 2003) to 2020, using the sort of display technology that was used for Ceefax/Oracle Teletext pages that were in use for British TV during the period 1974-2012. To select a page, choose from the panel on the left. They have been created using the BeebEm emulator for the BBC Micro computer - the type of technology that would have been used originally. For more information, see for example

Note that all headlines are truncated to 39 characters, as per the limitations of Teletext display technology, which means that some words are shortened to fit. Data sources are the BBC, the Met. Office, Weather Online, Weather Underground, and the Official Charts Company. Any mistakes are my own.

Notes: The News section (top half of each page) consists of key headlines in the UK during the 7 days ending on the date shown (Sunday). Note that they are as reported at the time and that the facts may since have changed. I have tried to keep up-to-date continuously, but a few key headlines may have been missed.
Weather information is from Woodford near Manchester, UK, 2006-2012; otherwise Shawbury in Shropshire, UK. I have tried to choose a location that is roughly in the centre of the UK and therefore a representative of the country as a whole. Note that the times are 3am GMT and 3pm GMT, or 3am BST/3pm BST during the summer. Occasionally the weather conditions from an hour earlier or later have been used if data for the required time were not available.
c = cloudy/overcast (du = dull*), f = fine/fair/clear (s = sunny*, sp = sunny spells*), r = rain (rr = heavy rain*), dz = drizzle, sh = showers, hz = hazy, ms = mist, fg = fog, sn = snow, sg = snow grains, h = hail, th = thunder(storm). * = new category used from 1 Oct 2018.
Football/Music - information is correct as of the end of the day on the date shown.
The information provided is for casual interest only and I trust that there is no infringement of copyright; I would be happy to remove any material if required.

In addition to the THIS WEEK series, I have created a few screens that show general information or illustrate the visual capabilities of the teletext technology of the time - these are in the 'Demo pages' section on the left.

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