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Note: All these downloads are free of charge. Download each one by clicking on the picture on the left. I assume that your computer has sufficient protection against viruses, but you have my assurance that none of the content below is malicious, as I would not even know how to write malicious code ...

Eagles's Calendar

EAGLES'S CALENDAR: Perpetual calendar. Its features are: Easy to scroll — in increments of 4 months, 1 year, of 10 years; or go to a specific date; automatic calculation of Easter Day (Western); calculations of numbers of days between dates etc. Note (for those who have downloaded) - the "calculate" screen needs the year to always be included when you enter a date. So "16 Mar to 25 Dec" won't work, but "16 Mar 2011 to 25 Dec 2011" will. This is also true for "Go to" in the main screen. File size: 96 kB. NB: This is designed for Windows but won't work on Windows 8 or later.

Eagles's Maze EAGLES'S MAZE GAME: Try to move around the maze and collect all the white counters without being trapped as parts of it rotate - each time you cross from one tile to another, one of the tiles at random will rotate through 90° — making it difficult to complete the maze without becoming trapped. This game is another invention of mine; moving your counter (red) around the maze is done by using the keyboard. You can choose the number of rows/columns of the maze, from 3 to 8. The chances of finishing the maze are perhaps 5-10%. If you do complete the maze, you are taken to a new screen. File size: 84 kB. This is designed for Windows and seems OK on both Windows 7 and 8.
Unicode database UNICODE CHARACTERS DATABASE: A reference spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel of 23,000 characters from the Unicode character set, supporting many different languages, writing systems and symbols. The full name of each character is given, so you can see for example that 'µ' is the 'micro sign'. File size: 2.9 MB. The number of characters you will see will depend on your version of Windows (or other operating system) and which typefaces/fonts you are using.
Big Keyboard BIG KEYBOARD: Click the icon on the left to get a HTML page with JavaScript that produces a huge screenful of keys for almost any character you want. The characters (when displayed at the top of the Big Keyboard screen) can be copied to the Clipboard and pasted. Note that your security settings need to allow JavaScript to be run, and the keys will unfortunately not work in Internet Explorer — try Chrome or Firefox for example.
Base Clock BASE CLOCK: This is a novelty piece of software, consisting of an on-screen clock that works in a large number of counting systems — including the usual base 10 (decimal), but also binary (base 2), octal (8), and hexadecimal (16); and ternary, quaternary, quinary, vigesimal etc. etc. — anything up to hexatrigesimal (base 36). For example, the time in the icon on the left is 20:26 in decimal but 14:1A in hexadecimal. File size: 52 kB. NB: This is designed for Windows but won't work on Windows 8 or later.
Cartoons - Lasdaft Lifestyle vol. I CARTOONS: "THE LASDAFT LIFESTYLE VOL. I". A collection of my cartoons, Volumes I to IV. Each volume can be downloaded here: volume I, volume II, volume III, volume IV (or click on the image on the left to download volume I). File size of each: 10-11MB. For further information, please see the Cartoons page.
Old English Keyboard for Windows OLD ENGLISH KEYBOARD FOR WINDOWS: This is a custom keyboard layout (using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) that contains both Old English and phonetic characters, as per the image below - I am making it available for download here so that others are free to make use of it. To download the .exe file, click on the image below, and then (in Windows) go to Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages. Fuller instructions on installing a custom keyboard will be available on Internet help pages. For the full keyboard map, see the Old English page.
Weather from Clitheroe, Lancashie, UK CLITHEROE WEATHER: Data from my own observations made 1987-2002 from Clitheroe, Lancashire, U.K. Note that the instrumentation and exposure was very much non-standard and that the data are presented as originally recorded with very little correction. You are free to make use of the data as long as I am credited as the source.
North Wales weather (Minera & Gresford, Wrexham) NORTH WALES WEATHER: Data from my own observations in Gresford (2002-06) and Minera (2006-15), both near Wrexham, U.K.. The file is provided "as is" — i.e. it is the version I use and has not been formatted for the Internet; it is advisable to read the Notes section. You are free to make use of the data as long as I am credited as the source.
Stanford in the Vale weather STANFORD IN THE VALE WEATHER: Data from my own observations (2018-2022) in Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire, U.K. The file is provided "as is" — i.e. it is the version I use and has not been formatted for the Internet; it is advisable to read the Notes section. You are free to make use of the data as long as I am credited as the source.
Archive weather data from around the UK, 1976-2013 UK WEATHER 1976-2013: Archive data from various sites around the UK. The following stations are included: Armagh, Northern Ireland; Brampton, Cumbria, England; Buxton, Norfolk, England; near Dundee, Scotland; Penzance, Cornwall, England; Rochdale, Lancashire, England; Royston, Hertfordshire, England; Strathspey, Scotland; Wokingham, Berkshire, England. Please note the ownership of copyright on the data as detailed on the Weather page.
Monthly data from Met Office website - brought together in an Excel file MONTHLY AVERAGES AROUND THE UK (1659 onwards): This is compiled using data freely available elsewhere on the Internet and based on the Central England Temperature series, England/Wales precipitation and sunshine series etc (see for example Please note that the copyright for all the data lies with the Met. Office.
Why Is He Interested In Streetlights?

"WHY IS HE INTERESTED IN STREET LIGHTS?" book by Matthew Eagles (1st edition 2005, 2nd edition 2007).

This download is no longer available, but an updated book, "Why SOX Lights?", was published in May 2021 and is now available through Amazon and Waterstones.

Observations of SOX streetlights - Statistical Report (Matthew Eagles, 2012) OBSERVATIONS OF SOX STREETLIGHTS - STATISTICAL REPORT (2012): More information on my interest in SOX streetlighting is given in my Soxlamps page. In brief, these are streetlights that give a distinctive golden-yellow colour when at full brightness (they shine red when first switched on) and they have been popular in the UK for many years prior to the advent of SON/MH/LED lights. My report, which is a PDF file, gives a detailed analysis of my observations from 1987 to 2011. If you wish to make use of my data, you are free to do so as long as I am credited as being the source. File size: 13 MB.
Lighting-Up program "LIGHTING-UP" SOFTWARE: This is a free piece of software that displays for each day in the archive the weather conditions and the time when four 'standard' streetlights switched on. For example, the 1st streetlight would represent the point when 20% of all lights would have been switched on (this is assuming they all operate on independent light sensors). The timeseries runs from 1987 to 2011 and all weather conditons from clear evenings to thunderstorms are included, enabling you to see the effect on lighting-up. NOTE that for this program to work the accompanying .csv file also needs to be downloaded and saved in the same directory as the program. More information of my interest in SOX streetlighting is given in my Soxlamps page. File size: 252 kB (.exe file), 280 kB (.csv file).

The following fonts, which I have created myself, are also available for free download:

inclair ZX81 font (TTF)
Based on screen font of Sinclair ZX81 computer. Further information on my Sinclair ZX81 font is available here, section "Sinclair ZX81".
Based on screen font of Acorn Electron computer. Further information on my Electron Plus font is available here, section "Acorn Electron".
Small 5x3 font (TTF)
Useful for display on computer screens.
Based on my own handwriting.
A font of my own design, comprising squarish letters with serifs.
Based on the Casio 2332 databank watch: basic A-Z, 0-9 and a few punctuation marks, with Short-width Numbers.
As above but with Long-width numbers.

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