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Who is this Lasdaft then?

Lasdaft is one of a species of imaginary creature with human characteristics. He and members of his family have facial features that are distinct from the other characters. You’ll find that the characters outside of Lasdaft’s family all have faces that seem to look the same, although they can all recognise each other easily enough.

You will notice: their arms and legs seem to be broad and unable to bend in the middle; their walking position is always with arms outstretched; their ears are also large and broad in shape while their noses are dots (apart from Lasdaft and his family); and there is some dodgy perspective in a few of the early cartoons. But nonetheless do please enjoy your visit to Lasdaft’s world.

e-books available

I've created 4 e-books of my past cartoons. As from 1st January 2017, all four volumes are absolutely FREE to download in PDF format: to download them, click on the cover images shown below. The size of each volume is 10-12 MB. Volume I (ISBN 978-0-9530748-3-9) deals with Lasdaft’s engagement to his girlfriend, volume II (ISBN 978-0-9530748-4-6) includes the wedding, and volume III (ISBN 978-0-9530748-5-3) has the birth of their children – but many other topics are explored along the way, such as irritating visitors to the house, visiting the doctor or dentist, inventing a car that drives itself, or visiting the parents – and the frequent visits to the local pub owned by Joe. The final e-book (ISBN 978-0-9530748-6-0) contains “Eejits” cartoons (Eejits being an Irish word for ‘idiots’) – the humour here is more anarchic and surreal. At present these Lasdaft e-books are only available through this website.


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